Monday, June 20, 2011

Men's Hair Styles Through the Ages

Women tend to think that men have it so easy when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. In historical times, men often sported quite luxurious hairstyles - think of the wigs in the French Courts in the 1700s. However, the Victorian era signalled the start of a more subdued time, with women's styles being natural and tame, whilst men kept their hair very short, lathered in macasser oil, and sported a beard, sideburns or a moustache. As we progressed into the 1920's, hair for men was very simple - short and neat, and an outrageous style statement for men at this time probably constituted something as simple as a side parting.

This continued until after the Second World War, after which time things seemed to relax and men began to wear their hair long or slicked back, which was considered to be very 'Hollywood' for men. As a consequence men everywhere started to take more time over their appearance.

The 1970's proved a great decade for men's hair - personal expression was the key to a great hairstyle. Groovy looks were big this era, and both men and women embraced more natural styles with longer locks and shaggy tresses. Gone were the days when men pinched their girlfriend's shampoo; the men now had their own products.

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