Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ways to Do Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hairstyles

Ways to do formal hairstyles for medium hairstyles have made a comeback into the world of hair. For a time during grunge and the more casual trends, a formal hairstyle had no place in society. However, now with the return of Hollywood glam, the formal hairstyle is also returning. The goal is now to adapt a formal hairstyle to fit a medium style hair.

You can pin up your hair in a French twist or a chignon. Braids are also a good way to make a formal look out of a medium hairstyle. This type of hair style really lends itself to creativity.

One of the newer formal styles of hair are known as sedu hair. This is a slick and smooth finish to the hair. You use a straightening product to smooth the hair out.

You can flip the hair out or curl it under in this type of hairdo.

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