Thursday, June 9, 2011

Your Best Curly Hair Style

Are you a curly want to show off your bouncy spirals, but can not make them look correct? Are you looking for ways and low to find out how to get your hair to look like a celebrity's hair or hair that friend? Your best curly hair style is the style that works best for you, not anyone else.
For those with straight hair, there is a certain amount that can be done, and pretty much every straight-haired person can do, of course, assuming they are the right length hair. If you have straight hair and you wanted pin straight bangs, you can pull out your straightening iron and get the look. As a curly, if you see big bouncy curls on your friends that you want and you have a tight spiral, the opportunity to get the curls is very slim.
In order to make your curls look amazing, you should find out what makes your hair look best. This includes shampoo, conditioner, and styling product you use and how you treat it regularly. If you constantly dye, blow dry and straighten hair and then one day decided to wear it curly, you can not expect to see the best. 

When you dye your hair, you will seriously damage it. This will cause your hair becomes very dry and brittle. If you have naturally curly hair, your hair is dry and dead it would only make that much worse. If you can help, do not dye your hair. If your hair turn white and you will feel more comfortable coloring it, trying to use hair dye is the most natural and friendly. If you are a serial hair dyer and yet have a beautiful natural color, you must stop if you ever want to have beautiful curly hair. If you do not like your natural color, you really have to think about it. Do you remember the color for a reason. The reason is simply because of the color that looks best on you.
As a curly, heat is not good for your hair properly. When you cook food, what happens? Change, it bakes, fries, and cooking into a different state. When you add heat to your hair, you do the exact same thing. A blow dryer does exactly what should be done, it dries your hair. It attracts moisture from the shower and the natural moisture in your hair. A straightening iron is even worse. I was always able to distinguish between someone who naturally have straight hair and someone with curly or wavy hair straightening it. The curly or wavy hair looks like straw. It's curly, poofy, and just a mess. Sure, it's straight, but not in a good way.
All the things you do to your hair causes it to look bad curly, and you may not want to admit or even realize it, it makes your hair look bad straight, too. You are the best hair style that you are naturally born with curly hair and style of your best done with natural hair free of damage.
Once your hair is damaged, it will never go back to where it naturally. You must wait for all the new growth to come to get your true hair, but while you wait, and can help the hair you have. First, remove all the hair dye and straighteners, and only use your blow dryer with a diffuser on cool setting. Conditions like there's no tomorrow, add some leave-in conditioner and gel, pucker up, and you're ready to go!

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