Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beautiful Bridal Veil and Wedding Hairstyle Combinations

The bridal veil is a lovely accent to the wedding gown. Many wedding gowns are shown with matching veils. The perfectly matched veil and wedding dress set, however, can become very formal and a bit stiff, so always feel free to select an alternate veil which looks pretty with your gown without being an exact match.

In general, the more veil you have, the more grand or large your hairstyle should be. A full veil also needs bridal hair jewelry with some presence. When deciding on your wedding hairstyle, it is important to consider where on your head you wish to wear your veil. The veil can be placed below your hairdo, and your headpiece directly above it. Anchoring a veil in short hair can be tricky, but if you select a double headband as your bridal hairpiece, it will be much easier. The comb of the veil can be nestled between the two bands of the headband to prevent the veil from sliding down the back of your head.

A final tip is to have your veil and headpiece selected before having a hair trial at the salon. You will be ensured of coming up with a veil, headpiece, and bridal hairstyle which all look fantastic together.

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