Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curly Hairstyles - How To Make Your Hair Curly

Utilize a large toothed comb or a choose when combing out your damp hair. It helps with divide ends and frizzy hair. For soft attractive hair, apply some gel in the hair. To make the hair look dense and long, use stylish hair pieces in your hair. Cotton soaks oil from the hair.

How to Make your Hair Curly

To give gorgeous and sexy look to hair, spray in the roots of hair and make ten small buns of hair. To make the hair curly, take few hair and apply hair clip in them after spraying. Do it with all the hair. For curly tangles, divide the hair in small parts. Leave some hair from the neck. Spray your hair before brushing and than comb. To give less bounce to the hair, condition your hair in the night before sleeping. Your hair should be wet. When your hair will dry than you will see loose wave look in the hair.

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